Brazil Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Brazil!

Bem vindo ao Brasil!

Brazil is a country we’ve come to love both separately and together – we’ve now visited 3 times each, and it honestly just gets better each time. Our most recent venture took us from São Paulo up to Mato Grosso (the Northern Pantanal) and back down to Rio de Janeiro, and we were lucky enough to see something we’ve had on our bucket lists for years: jaguars. As usual, we had a local guide (actually two!) as we both have friends we’ve known for years who live out there (coincidentally both in São Paulo, though they don’t know each other). We’ve put together everything we know and everything we learned, from food guides to city tours and our experience in the Pantanal. Truly this country is one of our absolute favourites.

Areas of Brazil we’ve visited

Brazil Highlights