Burundi Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Burundi!

Karibuni Burundi!

Burundi Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Burundi!

We mean this in the nicest way possible, because we really liked Burundi, but this is one very bizarre country to visit as a tourist. The thing is that they just don’t get many tourists, at all, and consequently, they’re not really set up to accommodate them very well. From our standpoint, this just makes things all the more interesting!

At the time we visited, the UK government was advising against all but essential travel, there was a severe fuel crisis in effect Burundi-wide and the currency had crashed so low that they were willing to exchange it for USD to the value of double Google’s exchange rate. Despite this, the people were some of the friendliest (and most inquisitive!) people we’ve ever met, the scenery some of the most beautiful and the culture some of the most exciting and unique. In less uncertain times, we would not hesitate to recommend this country to all with an enquiring mind, and hope in future it will get its day in the sun!

Burundi Travel: Areas of Burundi we’ve visited

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