Madagascar Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Madagascar!

Tongasoa eto Madagasikara!

To visit Madagascar is something most travellers only dream of. Those that do make it out there are rewarded with a country that is quite literally unlike any other on this planet. As reportedly one of the first masses to split from Pangea, Madagascar has a dizzying number of endemic species (over 11,000 according to WWF!), meaning that almost all of the plants, animals and landscapes you see there just aren’t found anywhere else. Due to its geographical location between Africa and Asia, it’s also a cultural melting pot with some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet, and some fascinating history and traditions.

As an endangered and sadly pretty impoverished area, it’s a really important destination to visit responsibly, and ensure that any tourism is giving back to both local communities and ecosystems. Madagascar desperately needs more tourists who adhere to ethical practices, sustain their national parks and pay into their local economies, so we really hope to see more responsible travellers there in future!

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