Malawi Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Malawi!

Mwalandiridwa ku Malawi!

To those who have visited, Malawi is known fondly as the Heart of Africa, and we cannot think of a more appropriate way to introduce it. Though things don’t exactly happen quickly in Malawi, you will struggle to find a place where people who are friendlier, more welcoming and more keen to show you their home than Malawi. We also found ourselves saying constantly that we could not believe it wasn’t more popular, given that it literally has everything! Seriously, whether you want hiking, wildlife, culture, mountains, lakes, even snorkelling and beaches, Malawi genuinely has it all, and it’s so undiscovered that it still remains relatively cheap. Tourism is still developing in this country, so you might struggle to find some basic amenities outside of the cities, but it still remains to us easily the most underrated country we’ve ever visited.

Areas of Malawi we’ve visited

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