Mauritius Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Mauritius!

Bienvenue à Maurice!

I won’t lie to you guys, we weren’t expecting to like Mauritius – honestly, we didn’t even plan on going there initially! A timely stopover from Madagascar to South Africa allowed us a visit and really, we’re glad we went. In some ways it surprised us, in others it was as expected, but interestingly enough, we’ve found ourselves wanting to return and planning a possible follow up trip one day. Undeniably, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and, though we expected beauty from this typical ‘honeymoon destination’, I can still say it surpassed our expectations. For our tastes, it’s perhaps a little touristy, but there are still some spots where you can find thriving and bustling local culture, and we were interested to find it reasonably doable as backpackers. If we went back, we’d certainly take more advantage of the beaches, spectacular hiking, and perhaps treat ourselves to a more upmarket resort!

Areas of Maurtius we’ve visited

Mauritius Highlights