Mozambique Travel: Beaches and buses!

Bem vindo a Moçambique!

We like to be straight with you guys, so we’re not going to lie and tell you that our Mozambique travel itinerary was plain sailing. For us, Mozambique was a series of ups, downs, beaches and buses!

We chose to travel through Mozambique via public bus which, honestly, wasn’t the smartest plan. The outcome was multiple disastrous travel days, uncomfortably long bus journeys (often without a seat!), getting scammed innumerable times, 3rd degree sunburn and having to rush through the country to avoid further disaster. It wasn’t our finest hour!

This was, however, completely our failing, and Mozambique countered with phenomenally beautiful beaches (some of the best we’ve ever seen!), wildly diverse marine life, friendly and kind locals, and delicious and unique food. So basically, it was a case of Mozambique: 1, Emma and Murray: 0.

Our Mozambique Travel Itinerary

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    Written by Emma