Namibia Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Namibia!

Welcome to Namibia!

It’s easy to describe Namibia. With its iconic moonscape scenery, rolling desert hills, phenomenal wildlife and dramatic coastline, it’s a bucket list destination for those who haven’t visited and a favourite trip for those who have. One of the main questions we were asked about Namibia was, ‘is it safe?’. Of course this is a difficult question to answer, since everyone’s situation is different, but comparatively speaking, Namibia has a fairly impeccable safety record. Add to this that English is the national language and widely spoken by almost everyone, and the infrastructure and in our opinion you’ve got a country that is as easy to travel as it is to fall in love with. This is a country you’ll want to jump on before it gets popular though, as it’s a seriously up and coming destination!

Areas of Namibia we’ve visited

Namibia Highlights