Paraguay Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Paraguay!

Bienvenido a Paraguay!

If you are considering going to Paraguay, I have one thing to say: DO IT. Though we had just over a week there and barely got to cover all of the areas we wanted to visit, it very quickly stole our hearts, and gave us every reason to go back. We can’t be sure if it was the underrated scenery, the friendly locals, the fascinating history or the stunning street art that won us over more, but it’s crazy to think that with all of that, we still missed out on some of Paraguay’s most captivating sites: the wildlife in the Chaco and the ruins at EncarnaciĆ³n. We still have so much to recommend and share from all that we were able to see and do, and we hope to encourage more people to visit this beautiful country.

Areas of Paraguay we’ve visited

Paraguay Highlights