Namibia Itinerary and Destination Guide




Few travellers will actually get to visit Namibia, but those who do will find somewhere quite unlike anywhere else on planet earth. Whether you want to see the rolling sand dunes of the Namib, the incredible wildlife of Etosha or the lunar landscapes of Spitzkoppe, Namibia has something to suit every traveller.

This guide aims to provide a handy itinerary companion for you to plan your route through Namibia as a self-guided trip,

The route does assume you have a car, rather than travelling by public transport and can easily be used hand in hand with our free Namibia camping guide on our blog. For each location, we have provided recommended places to stay or, if camping, you can refer to the campsite guide.

This route is intended for a 2 week trip, starting and ending in Windhoek, but I have included add-ons and adaptations.

I hope you love it!



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