So You Really Want To Get To Know Us…

Hello! If you made it to this page, you must really want to know who we are, and we love that about you!

So, this is us:

A picture of Emma and Murray in a cafe with a background of fake green and purple leaves. They are a white couple - Murray has brown and grey hair which is swept back off his face, and very pale blue eyes. Emma has long wavy/curly hair and green eyes. They are both smiling at the camera and Muray is taking the photo.
Here we are!
And here’s how we got here…

We met six years ago in South Africa and since then, we’ve travelled A LOT. So far, we’ve been to around 30 countries together, 5 continents (entering our 6th next year) and taken a mammoth 6 month long honeymoon, where we explored Africa from bottom to top (on the East side).

I’m getting ahead of myself so let me backtrack a bit. In 2022, we got engaged, married 6 months later (honestly because we could not be bothered spending a long time planning a wedding) and then quit our jobs to backpack Africa from Cape Town to Cairo (with a few stops in between). We wanted to do this completely overland (though we also wanted to see a few extra places like Madagascar) but sadly the tensions in Sudan proved too difficult an obstacle to overcome and we had to skip from Kenya to Egypt. This turned out to be a wild ride, during which time we realised that our travel style could be considered a little unorthodox!

Firstly, we love meeting people, so we seem to be forever making friends with locals (not something we are complaining about!) and learning about their customs. Travelling locally and backpacking on the cheap gave us the opportunity to stay in numerous, fantastic, locally-run guesthouses and experienced some truly unique local customs. We also happen to be huge environmental advocates (/nerds) and were already living mostly zero waste at home, so we tried really hard to incorporate that into this trip. I (Emma) also ate vegan for as much of the trip as I physically could, so we have managed to put together some great vegan food guides.

Sadly, any attempts at making money while travelling proved desperately unfruitful, sowe returned to our jobs in June 2023. I went back to my job as a travel agent and Murray as a cartographer (he changed careers during the pandemic). We’re still on a mission to travel to all corners of this beautiful world and to meet as many different people as we can. We love long and silly chats with interesting people and getting different perspectives from our own – it’s our favourite way to travel.

Emma, a white woman, is standing, looking down at her finger where a small butterfly has landed. She is looking delighted and wearing a wide-brimmed hat, with large earrings, a white lacy top and a black jumpsuit.

My favourite things about travel are: people, animals and food. I loves the hustle and bustle of a new culture and could sit and people watch on a bus, no matter how uncomfortable a position I am sitting in (seriously, I could be wedged in between two complete strangers with a chicken on my lap for 3 hours and I’d still just be finding it all interesting – speaking from experience). Murray finds this very odd as she’s pretty fussy otherwise and doesn’t like strangers touching her. As a vegan it’s rather sad that I’m a foodie as, to be honest, I often can’t eat much when we’re travelling! That doesn’t hold me back though and I’m always open to trying different foods and getting as much out of the experience as I can. I first got the travelling bug when I lived abroad (in Tanzania) age 19, and have wanted to travel to all of the most remote regions of the world ever since. Top of my bucket list right now (but unlikely to manifest for a while since Murray has no interest): Papua New Guinea and Pakistan. Languages are my super power and I can speak 3 pretty fluently (English, French and German) and 3 conversationally (Swahili, Spanish and Portuguese – working on developing them further!), which is enormously helpful when we’re trying to get from A to B!!

Murray, a white man, is sitting on the back of a pick up truck wearing a cowboy hat in the middle of a dirt road. He is looking to the right hand side and the sky is moody.

Murray’s favourite things about travel are: photography opportunities, beautiful landscapes and adventurous activities. He has lived in 4 different countries (Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Canada) as a ski instructor and is a pure adrenaline junkie. The best day of Murray’s life (and possibly the worst day of Emma’s!) was when we did a bungee jump together off a bridge in South Africa. Murray’s favourite country in the world is Canada, and it’s where he’d live there if he could; it even made him love winter, which is saying something. The funniest thing about travelling with Murray for Emma is that he hates being too hot OR too cold and constantly thinks hot countries are trying to kill him (via sunburn, mosquitoes, sunstroke… not that he’s overdramatic or anything). The best thing about Murray (in his eyes) is that he’s a walking pun, right down to his name (we’ll leave you to guess his surname but needless to say, it’s hilarious). His constant punning drives Emma mad and he is not allowed to pun when we are in enclosed spaces together for long periods of time – it’s punbearable!

How we travel

On a serious note, we always try to travel in the most sustainable way possible and leave a minimal impact. At home, we live completely zero waste (that doesn’t mean we don’t produce rubbish, but we recycle or compost it all, instead of sending anything to landfill) and try to carry this mentality through as much as we can when travelling. We also travel overland instead of flying as much as possible and keep all experiences involving wildlife as ethical as possible. That being said, we know this form of travel is relatively unexplored by many travellers and we’re here to encourage, inform and assist rather than make any judgements. We’re firm believers that whatever you can do to reduce your impact is much better than doing nothing at all. Basically, if you’ve come here to learn – great! Please know that we’re just telling you how we do it, and we don’t expect you to be experts straight away.

In terms of sustainability, we really want to keep this an open forum so if you are a super sustainable whizz – that’s great! But please try to be understanding that others are not and they’re just doing their best, and that’s OK too. Keep your comments friendly folks!

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Emma and Murray