Socotra Travel: Everything You Need To Visit Socotra!

مرحبا بكم في سقطرى! Marhaba Socotra!

Socotra truly is a place that surpassed all expectations. As an up and coming destination, it has been on our list for many years before we finally were able to go. Nothing quite prepares you for the rawness and diversity of the landscape, the breath-taking scenery, the warm hospitality and the stunning marine life. One minute you could be driving through deserts rolling into the sea, the next past expansive mountains, at the bottom of which are crystal clear wadis. We’ve never quite been anywhere like it and it is absolutely one to add to your list.

Something we didn’t expect was the kind hospitality of the people on Socotra. Every corner of this island welcomes you with curiosity and kindness! The people we met were all so generous and we would definitely recommend not to miss out on the capital city, Hadiboh (home to just under half the population), which is a bustling centre of local life.

As an as yet underdeveloped tourist destination, Socotra does not have the infrastructure to support a large influx of tourism, so it is vitally important to exercise responsible tourism when visiting to ensure the wellbeing of the endemic wildlife and local people.

Note: we visited Socotra as part of a Press Trip (by the way, get our guide to landing your first Press Trip here if you’re a new creator!).

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