Vegan Food Guides: How To Avoid Missing Out When Travelling!

Why Do We Write Vegan Food Guides?

If you’ve tried travelling as a vegan like us (or well, one of us at least – Murray is definitely not a vegan!), you will know that there are some countries and areas of the world that just genuinely don’t get it. You can explain until you’re blue in the face what you do and don’t eat and they’ll still bring you out a plate of chicken and chips and expect you to thank them. We feel your pain.

Anyway, at some point, we just got really sick of this. I (Emma) am a self-proclaimed foodie. My dad is a chef, so I was completely brought up like this! Add to that, I love trying new things and you’ve got a recipe (pun-intended) for someone who wants to try as much local food as possible whenever we’re away, and I’m not about to let any language barriers or lack of understanding stop me!

What that basically means is that since I started travelling on a vegan, I’ve been on a hunt for as much local vegan food as I can get my hands on, whether that be accidentally naturally vegan, or adaptable from vegetarian or meat-based alternatives. I’m lucky that I’ve no allergies, so if a mistake is made, it’s no biggie (though I don’t eat meat or fish at all and will leave that to Murray), and I’ve happily been able to run through all the trials and errors for you and find out what’s out there that you can eat without worrying.

Something we do travel with (and we highly recommend you do too if you want to be on the safe side!) are these awesome vegan playing cards from Fussy Traveller Club, which explains in 52 languages what vegans can and can’t eat. They’ve saved us so many headaches!!

We wrote a general guide to finding local food as a vegan here, or if you’re looking for something specific…

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